design work
National Garden for Subterranean Heritage
embracing water
influx of algae microcosms
observatory of material change
perceptions of plant life ...
nuclear fossils
geostories of petroleum
viscera urbana
terra incognita
psychedelic womb
coney island center
perforations of atmosphere plataforma alimenticia
decaying perfection
warping small worlds
defining position/thesis

visualizing the accidental radioactive ...
politics and agency of space ...
landscapes and economies ...


psychedelic womb.

a center devoted to the treatment of mental illnesses.
a place for true freedom of the self.
a reconnection to nature as a being within it.
rensselaer polytechnic institute / troy,ny.
advisor: carla leitao.

what is your home?
The Womb is the most significant experience of the home, as it is connected to our first idea of the place of inhabitation. It is the home provided by nature, optimally designed to suit our body. It is physically proportional to our body measurements, it is created of the same skin and cells, it is biologically connected to us providing us nurture and protection and it is a psychological and emotional link to the mother.

what is your pet?
Our pet is elected to be Ayahuasca, a drink that has been consumed in the Amazonian forest by indigenous cultures and provokes hallucinations. It is prepared by the mixing of Banisteriopsis Caapi vines and Psychitria Viridis leaves. The visions have been of significant spiritual value to the locals, illuminating them regarding making decisions for their people or for diagnosis of diseases. It becomes a means of communication with nature and the surrounding environment of the forest, where there is a realization of the spirituality of the environment, of life, of the land.

It is recently introduced in the western culture, where multiple people swear that it can treat psychiatrical diseases and malfunctions, such as ptsd, depressions and drug addictions.