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geostories of petroleum

harvard gsd / cambridge, ma.
advisor: robert pietrusko.

petroleum as a geologic collapse.
Through millions of years of pressure and heat, remains of underwater microscopic and animal life has been formed into crude oil and gas.
Millions of years later, humans uncover their corpses and transform them into petroleum and oil, dispersing them across the planet.

petroleum as a global commodity.
Complex economic networks of exchange of petroleum have been evolved throughout the planet, particularly after the Great Acceleration of the 1950s. From economic growth to collapse and war, petroleum has been at the center of the global economy, as a massive actor in geopolitics.

petroleum as a pollutant.
Extraction and distribution of oil has been the cause for signifi cant air and water pollution, with complex impacts on the global climate and biodiversity of the planet.
In the Gulf of Mexico, the Deepwater Horizon explosion on April 20th 2010 created the worst oil spill in the world, with 11 victims and signifi cant damages on the local ecosystem.

gof geological categories. gof petroleum fi elds.
gof oil and gas fi elds.

global oil and gas fi elds. global oil pipelines. global distribution center. global distribution paths.

gof oil and gas fi elds.
gof oil platforms.
gof pipelines.
gof spills.
gof ecologies.
gof risk zones.
landsat imagery of the spill.