design work
subterranean realities
embracing water
influx of algae microcosms
observatory of material change
perceptions of plant life ...
nuclear fossils
geostories of petroleum
viscera urbana
terra incognita
psychedelic womb
coney island center
perforations of atmosphere plataforma alimenticia
decaying perfection
warping small worlds
defining position/thesis

visualizing the accidental radioactive ...
politics and agency of space ...
landscapes and economies ...


Maria Vollas is a designer and researcher from Greece. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is currently pursuing the Master in Design Studies (MDes ULE) and the Master in Landscape Architecture (MLA I AP) at Harvard Graduate School of Design. Her work is focused on social and environmental advocacy and influenced by environmental histories and cultural anthropology. She has conducted research in Latin America and India, investigating the integrations of modernity in the complex cultural, political and urban conditions. She is currently analyzing various aspects of the Anthropocene, from archival research on indigenous Amazonian cultures to design practices that address Nuclear Exclusion Zones.